Managed Web Hosting Solutions

Our website hosting packages include an on-demand site support services component. Our hosting packages are flexible and are tailored to fit your company's support needs.

Managed Hosting Packages Offer:

iBeam will provide your company with the web support you require. Our managed hosting solutions offer 24/7/365 customer support. Depending on the level of support your website and/or applications require, iBeam is happy to tailor a plan to fit your needs and your budget. We also offer server co-location hosting services.

There are many advantages to hosting your website with iBeam. The easiest way to describe the level of service and support you will receive is to compare your relationship with iBeam to having your own in-house Web design, web update, web support, and web services department. We provide full-time support, quick response to copy, image and design changes, as well as detailed monthly traffic reports, and traffic analytics that are critical to the search engine optimization of your website.

As a hosted client of iBeam's, when we receive text and graphics changes prior to 12:00 p.m. on weekdays, weíll implement them the same day. Unlike an in-house Web department, we donít go to lunch, take vacations, require training or take sick/personal days. iBeamís services include a high level of security and lower system administration costs as we handle all services internally — we never outsource our projects.

Included in all of our hosting packages are all the fixed costs associated with hosting. Your server's space, bandwidth, hardware, software, storage, archival and power requirements are included. Additionally, all of our web hosting packages include detailed traffic reporting and analysis delivered real-time, monthly and annually. Our hosting packages are flexible and are tailored to fit your company's requirements.

iBeam also has created ready-to-use web applications that are easy to implement into your website design or can be used as stand-alone products.

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