SAS Products and Solutions

iBeam offers quite a few SAS (Software as a Service) solutions that can be used as is, or customized to not only reflect the look and feel of your website but to allow for the details that your company's day-to-day operations may require. iBeam will also provide custom website design, website development, and website construction to launch any on-line web solution your company needs.

Our applications encompass an array of hosted business solutions to help you better interact with clients, shareholders, or your employees.

A few of our SAS solutions include:


TeamExtranet can track projects, hours, meetings and contact information for clients and potential leads, but what TeamExtranet really offers your organization is a sophisticated communications tool that enables your employees to let each other know what they are working on, when the deadlines are, how many hours have been spent, and so much more. TeamExtranet allows your company the use of fully integrated calendaring, contacts database, and billing system programs. This is the perfect tool for organizations that have employees who "telecommute", or offices with several branches. All your employees will have 24/7 access to TeamExtranet via the internet. Organize your employees and your business by using TeamExtranet . No more excuses for not putting in your hours, missing a ConCall or not realizing a deadline!

SummerCamp Web Console

Update your own web pages and receive secure transmissions via the internet The SummerCamp WebConsole enables your camp to create a website that explains who you are, what you offer, your philosophies, activities and schedules. All content is accessible for updating by the Camp's designated administrator(s). The back end of this system allows for you to process and receive applications and resumes for open positions, history and medical forms from registered campers, and potential customer inquiries. The SummerCamp WebConsole also includes an "Email Your Camper" functionality that allows parents to send letters to camp as often as they wish.

The SummerCamp WebConsole can easily be adapted for use by private schools, boarding schools, convalescent homes and any other facility where people, young or old, stay for a prolonged period of time.


The SMaIS - School and Student Management System has been built using the latest web technologies to provide a system that is powerful, easy-to-use, and scalable to the state level. SMaIS browser-based system logically presents state, district, school, class, curriculum, teacher, student, building, medical, discipline information and their accompanying data. All school, student performance analysis data is available via a web interface that offers one-click access.

EasyManage - Website Content Management Solution

And of course, whether your website design and architecture is simple or complicated we offer you the ability to manage your content via an easy-to-use content management web design interface. Post jobs, press releases, news articles, change product descriptions or management bios, all as easily as cutting and pasting the content into the interface from your text document.

For more information about iBeam's services, references or to request an online demo user name, please contact us.